Pain management

At RNOH Private Care, we understand the profound impact of pain on overall wellbeing. Our dedicated pain management team combines medical expertise with compassionate care, employing a holistic approach to address a variety of pain conditions.

The pain management journey begins with a comprehensive assessment, considering both physical and emotional aspects of pain. Our specialists utilise advanced diagnostic tools to identify the underlying causes, developing personalised treatment plans that may include medications, interventional procedures, and multidisciplinary approaches.

We prioritise patient education, ensuring individuals have a clear understanding of their pain conditions and treatment options.

Our approach extends beyond immediate relief, focusing on long-term strategies to enhance quality of life. Throughout the pain management process, we emphasise clear communication, empathy, and ongoing support.

Your path to accessing our services starts with a simple step – contacting us. We are here to assist you throughout your journey, making your treatment a seamless and successful one.

Our treatments include:

01Chronic pain intervention

This involves pain management injections.

02Spinal cord stimulators

Spinal Cord Stimulation is a safe treatment used to treat patients in whom chronic pain has significantly limited their activities of daily living. This may include conditions such as Neuropathic pain (nerve related pain), failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, post-traumatic neuropathic pain.

The implant is an electrical device that can change some of the pain messages that your body is sending to your brain, and reduce the amount of pain that you are experiencing. The stimulator works by sending very small amounts of electricity to parts of the spinal cord. You will feel this as slight tingling over the area that is usually painful.

03Pain self-management programme

The idea behind what we do is to help you do more in your life, even though you have a lot of pain. We don’t use drugs or other treatments. Instead, we teach you how to be more in charge of your life. All this begins when you are with us, but you will be able to continue to improve when you are at home again.

People who have been in pain for a long time often become unfit or are out of condition, because they aren’t able to do as much as they used to. This lack of fitness makes a person have other aches and pains. Also, unfit people seem to feel pain more. One of the things that we do is to help you become fitter.

We aim to teach you ways of planning your day so that pain is less of a problem. We also can teach ways of relaxing to allow you to deal with pain better.

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) treatment at RNOH.

Watch the video below to see patient’s experiences for what it is like to have Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) treatment.

"I’m glad I won’t have to wear this brace anymore and I look forward to doing all the things I did before like trampolining and horse-riding. The care I've had at RNOH has been amazing, I’d like to thank all the doctors and nurses and the robot!"

Emma Scoliosis surgery using Mazor X Stealth Robot

"We are incredibly happy by how straight her spine is and the fact that she’s 3 inches taller now. The care that we’ve received from the doctors, the nurses the paediatricians, anaesthetists - has been amazing"

Parents of Emily Scoliosis surgery using Mazor X Stealth Robot

"Staff were so lovely, at ease and understood what was going on. The consultant was always on hand to offer support and answer questions. The aftercare was tailored to me and got me back to dancing."

Sophie, 18 Hip Surgery

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