Experience compassionate and expert care for neck-related concerns at RNOH Private Care, where our multidisciplinary team utilises a comprehensive approach to address a spectrum of neck conditions.

From degenerative disc disease to complex spinal issues, our specialists employ state-of-the-art diagnostics and advanced treatment methods. Our diagnostic process involves a thorough examination, including imaging studies and clinical assessments, to precisely identify the underlying causes of neck discomfort. Treatment plans are then tailored to individual needs, with options ranging from conservative measures to complex spinal surgeries when required.


Our commitment to patient wellbeing extends beyond medical interventions.

We prioritise clear communication and collaboration, ensuring patients actively participate in their care journey. Rehabilitation and postoperative support are integral components of our neck treatment approach, emphasising the restoration of function and quality of life.

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If you smoke, your surgeon may refuse to operate unless you can refrain from smoking before and during the healing phase of your procedure. Research has proven that smoking delays bone healing significantly.

"The staff at the hospital were all very helpful and cheerful. They were considerate of my situation and made me feel welcome and comfortable. I am so pleased that I chose to have my surgery there."

International patient, 29 Kuwait

"Staff were so lovely, at ease and understood what was going on. The consultant was always on hand to offer support and answer questions. The aftercare was tailored to me and got me back to dancing."

Sophie, 18 Hip Surgery

"We are incredibly happy by how straight her spine is and the fact that she’s 3 inches taller now. The care that we’ve received from the doctors, the nurses the paediatricians, anaesthetists - has been amazing"

Parents of Emily Scoliosis surgery using Mazor X Stealth Robot

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