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It all starts with a referral

Whether you’re covered by private health insurance, opting for self-payment, or arranging treatment through a third party, your journey with us typically starts with a referral to one of our expert consultants.

This referral is a valuable source of background information, including your medical history and a general overview of your health concern. You can find details of our consultants right here on our website. Just click the below link to search either by consultant name or speciality. If you don’t have a specific consultant in mind, our team can provide information to assist you in selecting the right one.  Our Private Care team is here to help.

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"I’m glad I won’t have to wear this brace anymore and I look forward to doing all the things I did before like trampolining and horse-riding. The care I've had at RNOH has been amazing, I’d like to thank all the doctors and nurses and the robot!"

Emma Scoliosis surgery using Mazor X Stealth Robot

"Emily was born with Erb’s Palsy - a condition that meant she couldn’t use her left arm. She needed an operation. Our daughter was so well looked after – we can’t fault the service or staff"

Parents of Emily Erb’s Palsy

"The staff at the hospital were all very helpful and cheerful. They were considerate of my situation and made me feel welcome and comfortable. I am so pleased that I chose to have my surgery there."

International patient, 29 Kuwait


How do I get referred

Referrals commonly come from general practitioners (GPs), but many patients are directed to our hospital by their current consultants from local hospitals. This is often because we specialise in second opinions and provide expert care for intricate or rare conditions, especially those involving complex revision surgery stemming from previous unsuccessful procedures.


The experts’ experts

As a national centre of excellence our consultants are known as “the experts’ experts,” offering unparalleled proficiency in their fields. For those with private health insurance, it’s important to note that insurance companies typically require a referral before covering the cost of treatment. Rest assured our team is committed to making your healthcare journey as smooth as possible.

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