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Mr Marco Sinisi

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Marco Sinisi is a Consultant Neurosurgeon. Having graduated in medicine from the University of Milan, Italy and he completed his training in Neurosurgery at the Institute of Neurosurgery in Milan. In 2002, Mr Sinisi was appointed as a Consultant at the centre of excellence Carlo Besta Neurological Institute of Milan, where he was lead surgeon for the development of the treatment of surgical disorders of peripheral nerves.



Peripheral Nerve Injury
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In 2004, Mr Sinisi was appointed as a Consultant Neurosurgeon to the Peripheral Nerve Injury Unit at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London. Mr Sinisi provides personalised care ensuring his patients fully understand his recommendations and treatment.

Mr Sinisi has dedicated his life to understanding the peripheral nerve system and holds the post of Honorary Associate Professor at University College London. His scientific work has been well published and presented at national and international forums.



  • Peripheral Nerve Repair (Post paralysis)
  • Paediatric and adult brachial plexus lesions
  • Nerve traumatic tumours lesions tumours and reconstructive work after paralysis

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