All specialities

Specialist care tailored to your needs

RNOH has earned a reputation as a leader for the diagnosis and treatment of nerve, muscle, soft tissue and bone conditions. We provide care for both adults and children through our expert consultants and specialist nurses and staff.

Children and Young People

Compassionate and expert care in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for your child's needs.

Foot and ankle

Our skilled specialists address a range of conditions, from common foot ailments to complex ankle reconstructions, utilising advanced techniques to achieve optimal results.


Our specialists are proficient in a variety of hip procedures, including joint preservation techniques, arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery, and hip replacement.


Our specialists excel in knee arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, and knee replacement surgeries, utilising state-of-the-art techniques to optimise outcomes.


Our treatment plans are then tailored to individual needs, with options ranging from conservative measures to complex spinal surgeries when required.


Our personalised orthotic solutions are delivered through our multi-disciplinary team approach.

Pain management

We employ a holistic approach to address a variety of pain conditions and our comprehensive assessment considers both physical and emotional aspects of pain.

Peripheral Nerve Injury

Navigate the complexities of peripheral nerve injuries with confidence with us at RNOH Private Care.


We offer care to people who have undergone amputation, those who may need an amputation and those (mainly children) with congenital limb loss through our highly specialist team.


Our provision of a complete range of rehabilitation services reflects the complex and specialist nature of our neuro-musculoskeletal work.


The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital is one of only five designated centres for bone and soft tissue cancers in the country.

Shoulder and elbow

From common injuries to complex disorders, our specialist team excels in providing solutions that prioritise optimal function and pain relief.


Our highly skilled team of spine specialists utilise cutting-edge technology and a multidisciplinary approach to address a wide range of spinal conditions.

Robotic procedures

Pioneering care using robotic orthopaedic procedures.

Tests and scans

Fast access to advanced diagnostics for precise care.

"Emily was born with Erb’s Palsy - a condition that meant she couldn’t use her left arm. She needed an operation. Our daughter was so well looked after – we can’t fault the service or staff"

Parents of Emily Erb’s Palsy

"The staff at the hospital were all very helpful and cheerful. They were considerate of my situation and made me feel welcome and comfortable. I am so pleased that I chose to have my surgery there."

International patient, 29 Kuwait

"I’m glad I won’t have to wear this brace anymore and I look forward to doing all the things I did before like trampolining and horse-riding. The care I've had at RNOH has been amazing, I’d like to thank all the doctors and nurses and the robot!"

Emma Scoliosis surgery using Mazor X Stealth Robot