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Experience specialised care for shoulder and elbow conditions at RNOH Private Care, where our experts combine advanced diagnostics with tailored treatment plans to address a spectrum of issues comprehensively.

From common injuries to complex disorders, our team excels in providing solutions that prioritise optimal function and pain relief. Diagnostic precision is crucial in shoulder and elbow treatment, and our specialists utilise state-of-the-art imaging techniques and clinical assessments to precisely identify the underlying issues. Treatment plans are then customised, incorporating a range of interventions from arthroscopic procedures for rotator cuff injuries to reconstructive surgeries for complex elbow disorders.

Whether through conservative measures or surgical interventions, our commitment is to ensure clear communication and support throughout your treatment journey. Our goal is to not only address the immediate concerns but to provide lasting solutions that enable you to return to an active and pain-free lifestyle.

Your path to accessing our services starts with a simple step – contacting us. We are here to assist you throughout your journey, making your treatment a seamless and successful one.

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Our care treatments include:

01Shoulder Arthroscopy

A diagnostic arthroscopy is a keyhole operation that is performed under a general anaesthetic. It is used to directly look at the structures within the shoulder joint in order to establish a diagnosis and plan further treatment.

02Rotator Cuff Repair

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles which surround the shoulder joint. They are attached to the bone via tendons. These muscles and tendons help keep the shoulder in socket and help control shoulder movements. The tendons can be damaged or torn through general use, “wear and tear” or following an injury to the shoulder. Often it is the “supraspinatus” tendon at the top that becomes worn. If the tendons are damaged the shoulder can become weak and painful.

A rotator cuff repair aims to re-attach the tendon(s) to the bone. The size of the tear will determine whether a full or partial repair can be achieved. The surgery may be completed arthroscopically (keyhole) or as an open procedure. This will be determined by your Surgeon.

03Total Shoulder Replacement (TSR)

The shoulder joint is a ball (Humeral Head) and socket (Glenoid) joint. A TSR replaces the ball and socket with an artificial joint. This is called a prosthesis and there are several different types. Your consultant will select the best type for you depending on the quality and quantity of bone as well as the strength of the muscles around your shoulder joint. In certain cases, a bespoke prosthesis may need to be designed and made for you.

If you smoke, your surgeon may refuse to operate unless you can refrain from smoking before and during the healing phase of your procedure. Research has proven that smoking delays bone healing significantly.

"Staff were so lovely, at ease and understood what was going on. The consultant was always on hand to offer support and answer questions. The aftercare was tailored to me and got me back to dancing."

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"We are incredibly happy by how straight her spine is and the fact that she’s 3 inches taller now. The care that we’ve received from the doctors, the nurses the paediatricians, anaesthetists - has been amazing"

Parents of Emily Scoliosis surgery using Mazor X Stealth Robot

"Emily was born with Erb’s Palsy - a condition that meant she couldn’t use her left arm. She needed an operation. Our daughter was so well looked after – we can’t fault the service or staff"

Parents of Emily Erb’s Palsy

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