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What is Self-Pay

Not everyone has private medical insurance but this does not exclude you from private healthcare. You can simply pay for yourself, organise appointments and procedures to suit your life and be on the road to recovery faster. We offer private healthcare on a beautiful, separate floor from the NHS but supported by its amazing infrastructure. All our profit from private patients goes directly back to the hospital so you can ‘go private’ and still support the NHS.

Be Reassured and Enquire Today

Following feedback from our patients and consultants, The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Private Care team are delighted to offer a self-pay Fixed Price Package for our less complex procedures.

We offer the following to our self-pay patients:

  • Treatment at #1 orthopaedic hospital in the UK
  • World class facilities (including robotic surgery)
  • Consultant led service
  • Renowned, specialist orthopaedic consultant surgeons
  • Quick and convenient initial consultation* with the consultant of your choice
  • Investigations and procedures booked to suit you and your diary
  • Post procedure rehabilitation programme where applicable
  • A Fixed Price Package giving you peace of mind that there will be no ‘surprises’ in store

You can make an appointment with one of our specialist consultants using the enquiry form here or call us on +44 (0)208 909 5114.

You do not need a GP referral to see our consultants for routine orthopaedic procedures such as hip replacements, knee replacements, ACL treatments and other non- complex orthopaedic issues.

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What is Included or Excluded

Unless we have said otherwise, the Fixed Price Hospital Fees for your surgery include:

  1. Any hospital care or treatment, provided it is part of the care and treatment plan devised by your consultant for you as part of your Fixed Price Hospital Fees at the Hospital
  2. Your nursing pre-operative assessment
  3. Your accommodation and meals at the Hospital for as long as you are required to stay at the Hospital (as advised by your consultant)
  4. Your nursing care while you are in the Hospital
  5. The Hospital’s theatre fees, drugs and dressings while you are in the Hospital
  6. Any necessary prosthesis (approved by us) where the procedure you will undergo at the Hospital requires a prosthesis
  7. Diagnostic imaging, such as x-rays or scans, physiotherapy, pathology and histology needed while you are an inpatient in the Hospital
  8. Basic walking aids where clinically required for use in the Hospital (such as walking sticks or crutches and wheelchairs) but not home aids or larger items (such as stair lifts)
  9. Removal of stitches, dressings or plaster, if required
  10. Treatment for any clinical complications
  11. COVID-19 testing in preparation of admission.

Unless we have said otherwise, the Fixed Price Hospital Fees for your surgery exclude:

  1. Diagnostic tests or services undertaken as part of your consultant’s initial investigation to establish your diagnosis and subsequent treatment of your condition and which is undertaken prior to your pre-operative assessment. These will be invoiced separately by us.
  2. The consultant’s or any other healthcare professional’s fee for the initial outpatient consultation
  3. Your consultant’s or other healthcare professional’s operating fee and anaesthetist’s fee while you are an inpatient in the Hospital
  4. Any care or treatment provided anywhere other than at the Hospital, including any NHS care or treatment or any treatment, diagnostic investigations or care undertaken at another private hospital
  5. Any long-term care or treatment, which is longer than the extent of care indicated in Clause 6 of our Ts and Cs.
  6. Any take home drugs or medication and equipment (such as walking aids).
  7. Any convalescence, treatment, accommodation or meals provided by the Hospital after your consultant has advised that you are fit for discharge.
  8. Personal costs such as visitors’ meals and other sundry items.
  9. Ambulance or taxi fees.
  10. Any costs or fees not specified as included in Clause 4.1 of our Ts and Cs or in your Admission Letter
  11. Any provision of any of the above will be charged separately to you at the Hospital’s Standard Charges and you will be responsible for payment of those charges.
  12. Any medical treatment not related or connected with the care and treatment identified at your pre-assessment, which requires a separate pathway of care, or is not clinically required, whether or not carried out at the Hospital, even if you are not discharged from the Hospital, is not included in the Fixed Price Hospital Fees.

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