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Sophia's story - Hip surgery at RNOH

Listen to Sophia to talk about her experience of coming into the RNOH for both NHS and private care for hip surgery.

Sophia wants to be a professional dancer/performer so it was crucial to her that the care she received from us would not limit her ability to dance.

Through the skill of Mr Tahir Khan, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, and the post-surgery rehabilitation offered by the RNOH, Sophia has the best chance of fulfilling her ambition to be a dancer. Mr Khan specialises in hip preservation surgery, pelvic osteotomies, hip arthroscopy, neuromuscular disorders and children's orthopaedics.

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Meet Mr Khan

Mr. Tahir Khan is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon currently working in Stanmore in the Young Adult Hip Unit.

His experience and interests include children’s orthopaedics, realignment osteotomies, hip pain in children, adolescents and young adults. Mr. Khan is particularly interested in hip preservation surgery and offers arthroscopic hip surgery and osteotomies around the hip joint.

Mr. Khan has always enjoyed the interaction with patients and takes time to discuss all treatment options, looking at alternatives and explaining things clearly.

Mr Tahir Khan - Children's orthopaedics, hip preservation surgery (Pelvic osteotomies etc), hip arthroscopy

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