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Mr Manish Desai Mr Manish Desai

Desai, Mr Manish

  • Position: Consultant in Spinal Injuries and Trauma Rehabilitation
  • Qualifications: MBBS, MS (Tr & Ortho), MRCS
  • Specialty: Degenerative spinal surgery and treatment, spinal injury, spinal deformity, spinal disorders


June 2012 onwards

Consultant in Spinal Injuries and Rehabilitation Medicine at the London Spinal Cord Injury Centre and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4LP.

Mr Desai reviews approximately 475-500 complex spinal cord injury patients in total annually, in the NHS and private facilities.

Mr Desai worked as:

1. An acting up consultant in Neurological Rehabilitation in Newcastle upon Tyne, from January 2011 to May 2011.

2. A full-time consultant in Trauma and Neurological Rehabilitation at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent, from January 2012 to June 2012.

Mr Desai is the clinical lead for Specialist Spinal Rehabilitation services at The Wellington Hospital, London and is also affiliated with The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, Aylesbury and Spire Bushey Hospital.

1995 – 2004.

Mr Desai worked as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and then came to the UK for further advanced training in Orthopaedics, especially Spinal and Joint reconstruction surgery.

Mr Desai worked in Orthopaedics and Trauma units at different hospitals in the UK from 2004 to 2007.

Mr Desai was awarded an NTN and joined the National Training Programme for Rehabilitation Medicine at the Northern Deanery (International Centre for Neurological Rehabilitation and Neuropsychiatry, Walkergate Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne) from December 2007-2011, and successfully achieved CCT in Rehabilitation medicine.

Education and training: 

Mr Desai regularly undertakes education and training sessions for London Deanery Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic registrars, nurses, therapists, bio-medical engineering students and Final Year Medical students from UCLH. He also offers work experience to A level students interested in studying medicine.
He undertakes an educational supervisor role for Rehabilitation trainees.

He regularly participates in yearly teaching programmes e.g. SCI study days, Cauda Equina Syndrome workshop, and London Deanery SpR teaching offered by LSCIC, Stanmore.

Special interests: 

  • Use of Robotics and Electrical stimulation in optimizing rehabilitation outcomes of complex SCI patients. 
  • Use of Exoskeleton for therapeutic and functional mobility in SCI patients.
  • Influence of Ageing and development of cardio-metabolic disorders in the SCI population.

Research interests:

1. Shoulder dysfunction following SCI
2. Outcomes of Non-traumatic SCI (Malignant and Non-malignant) and SCI with Polytrauma
3. Rehabilitation outcomes of Cauda Equina Syndrome patients
4. Restoration of hand function in Tetraplegics
5. Management of Obesity in SCI patients – Role of Bariatric interventions
 Mr Desai was awarded “Best services for Tetraplegic patients” by Regain Charity.
 Mr Desai developed and successfully implemented specialist Rehabilitation Integrated Care Pathways for Cauda Equina Syndrome, Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression and Polytrauma with SCI patients.
 He developed and implemented shoulder pain management protocols for SCI patients.
 He is a regional speciality advisor and member of the Speciality Advisory Committee for the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine and Royal College of Physicians.
Mr Desai has presented his work in more than 30 scientific meetings and International conferences.
1. Habitual dislocation of Patella in Knee disarticulation stump in a patient of congenital Type 1 deficiency of Tibia – A
case report- Journal Paediatric Orthopaedics B, 18:339-340, 2009
2. Clinical outcome of Dynesys spine stabilization system in degenerative lumbar Spine Disorders– SICOT/SIROT XXIV Triennial World Congress 24-28 August 2008
3. Clinical outcome of Proximal Humerus Fractures treated with Halder Humeral Nail- SICOT/SIROT XXIV Triennial World Congress 24-28 August 2008
4. Refractory Holmes’ Tremor in case of Midbrain and Proximal Brainstem infarct – challenge in Neurological rehabilitation – a case report – Journal of Movement Disorders (special edition), June 2008
5. Comparative Study of Rigid Versus Dynamic Spine Stabilization (DYNESYS) for Degenerative Lumbar Spine disorders- Journal of Orthopaedics 2007;4(3)e7
6. “Management of Hidden Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis” – Experience of clinical assessment of MS patients in MS rehabilitation clinics at tertiary Neurological Rehabilitation Centre. International Journal of Multiple sclerosis
7. Traumatic Brain Injury and Refractory Holme’s Tremor - A challenge for neurological rehabilitation. Movement Disorders, May 2011, 26(S47), 0885-3185
8. “Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome”- rare presentation and challenge in Spinal cord Injuries rehabilitation – Case study and review of literature. The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine 2015 VOL. 38 NO. 4 9. “Heterotopic ossification in a patient with cervical spinal cord injury and ankylosing spondylitis: The consequences of the late diagnosis". The Journal Of The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Volume 3, Issue 3, July-September 2020
10. “Autonomic Dysreflexia in Spinal Cord Injury”- https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m3596.full
11. “Rehabilitation outcomes of Primary Spinal Cord Tumours” – submitted in the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
12. The Diagnosis and Management of Autonomic Dysreflexia in Spinal Cord Injury." – Accepted for publication in Practical Neurology, April 2021
(B) “950 Condylar Blade Plate Fixation” in Extra-articular Fractures of lower third of Femur.
This study was peer reviewed and published by the Department of Orthopaedics – Baroda Medical College, India in journal form and is available in MS University library, for postgraduate reference purposes.
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